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Chinese hanger industry lacks of creativity

2017/5/8 15:23:30 Click£º
In this meager profit age, the price of the raw material is rising, and new employment policy leads to the increase of human resources cost. Many Chinese OEM enterprises suffer more and more pressure. With the approach of the niche consumption age, hanger industry sees its brand new golden time. Keeping a path of differentiation and making a brand becomes the priority choice of the niche consumers. That¡¯s the best way for Chinese hanger industry to achieve its brand strategy.
Having an insight into the change of the market and determining the strategic positioning. Once the environment changed or failed to satisfy the OEM profit, hanger enterprises should make a strategy adjustment and spare no efforts to create the competitive advantage by gathering the limited resources.
More and more middle class family is spring up. Basic living supply has no longer meets those family¡¯s requirements. They are pursuing quality, taste, fashion, identity and the sense of belonging. They want such products that can present their identities and position. They would like to pay more money to get a better service. Therefore, hanger industry needs to let the consumer know what special value that their product can bring to clients.

As for the high-end market, hanger enterprises might need to give up some mainstream market so that they can create distinctive products and services to the target market and avoid cutthroat competition.
If a hanger wants to sale at a high price, we must make our clients feel that the product is good value for money, which means we should have advantages in hanger structure, shape, manufacturing technique and material or do well in improving consume experience and brand image.
Obviously, Chinese hanger industry lacks of creativity, and it is a fact that Chinese hanger marketing level falls behind to other manufacturing industries. Thus, hanger enterprises must to keep its differentiated path.