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Planted fine plush premium packaging gold hook hanger

2019/9/25 11:11:15 Click£º

Planted fine plush premium packaging gold hook hanger

1.Planted fine plush gold hook, handmade print logo!

2.The foam cotton package requested by the customer is only for better 

protection of the hanger, the next step is to hook!

3.Customized gold hooks, custom-made hooks, will be hooked to the heating hook!

4.Finish the hook, put it for ten minutes, wait for the hook and the hanger to be tightly fitted together, so as to ensure the durability of the hanger!


5.The hangers are shipped out of the cabinet according to the customer's requirements.

 The whole process is not dragged, just to send the hot-selling hangers to the customers, 

shorten the shipping period and increase the use value of the hangers! Our company customizes 

various styles of hangers, whether it is flocking or plastic, but also various types of clothing models, 

clothing accessories, etc., cheap, wholesale price, welcome to consult!