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Multi-purpose all-plastic hanger for drying laundry room

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Multi-purpose all-plastic hanger for drying laundry room

Multi-purpose all-plastic hanger for drying laundry room. 

The material of the hanger is environmentally friendly.

The color of the hanger can be customized, whether it is black, white or other colors. 

The hanger is all plastic, does not contain metal parts, and the load-bearing capacity 

of the hanger is very good. It will not rust due to water. Because it is a waterproof plastic 

material, it is very durable.

Item No.  2227
Color:  White or customized 
Metarial:  PP
Application: Shirts;pants;jacket;skirts or other    cloths
MOQ: 3000pcs
Logo: customized  logo
Packing: 100 pcs/carton
Size: L: 41 cm*W:0.5cm*H:20cm or customized
Sample leadtime: 5-7 days
Production time: 10-20days



2227 (1)

The inside of the hanger will contain bubbles, but that is not a flaw 

of the hanger, but the original material of the hanger, so it will not affect

the use and beauty of the hanger. This hanger is one of our hottest styles

because its durability makes customers happy. This hanger can be used in 

office shirts, home clothing, supermarket chain promotions, laundry and more.

According to customer satisfaction, we can see that this hanger is multifunctional.