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Two-way sliding display pants plastic hanger

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Two-way sliding display pants plastic hanger

Two-way sliding display of plastic hangers for pants. 

The total length of the hangers is 28 cm and 33 cm. 

Customers can buy the corresponding size according to the users of the pants. 

The surface of the hanger is flocking or treated with rubber paint. 

This kind of hanger looks more high-end and is also suitable for other high-end shops.

Customized hanger with sliding iron wire at the bottom. 

This pants rack is designed to show the integrity and grace of the pants at the bottom. 

The hanger of the hanger can be ordinary chrome hook or gun black hook or rose gold hook, but no matter which one Each hook has its own elegance!

This 1206 model is available in 23 cm, 26 cm, 31 cm, 35 cm, 33 cm, and 40 cm lengths.

The hottest item is the 31 cm long trouser rack, because the design of the hanger is reasonable and the clip Some parts are designed with anti-slip silicone, just to protect the clothes from being hurt, and the durability of the hanger is commendable. No customer has ever complained about the badness of the hanger, and will only repeat the order. The quality of the hanger is welcomed by customers, so this hanger is worth recommending. If you want to know more about the pants rack, please contact us!